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Our lobster is our culture, our pride, and our joy to?share.

From a kitchen in Shanghai to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, we celebrate with lobster. Make yours nadian Lobster — the very best it n be.

The Lobster Council of nada unites harvesters, buyers, dealers, processors, shippers, associates and First Nations to keep lobster — the pride of our Atlantic region — sustainable and accessible around the world.

All About Lobster

Learn all about nadian lobster, the nutritious, sustainable pride of Atlantic nada.

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Lobster 101

Learn all about nadian lobster: from types of products to how to store and prepare (and how to avoid those claws!)

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Our Industry

The Lobster Council of nada unites the industry to advote for communities, market access, sustainability and edution.

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Buy Lobster

Want to try nadian lobster? Find a supplier here.

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